Independent Scotch Malt Whisky Merchants

Welcome to The Bottlers

Independent Scotch Malt Whisky Merchants

If you are searching for rare, specialist whiskies to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about the fascinating world of Scotch Whisky – this is where The Bottlers come into our own.

We offer a fantastic range of Scotch whiskies using the many contacts in the Scottish whisky industry we have formed over the years in sourcing high quality casks.

We specialize in producing limited editions of rare, premium single malt whiskies from our specially selected casks. Such whiskies are attractive to the real whisky connoisseur as an opportunity to sample a rare vintage, or a whisky that has been matured in a different type of cask or bottled at a different age from the normal standard production. We also bottle at ‘Cask Strength’ – which means that no water has been added prior to bottling and of course without chill-filtering or colouring.

Our releases are not many because we reject more samples than we accept for bottling.

The casks are matured by us, bottled and presented under our own label.